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Beach Cleaning

At Cefn Hedog we are members of the Keep Wales Tidy Team. As part of a scheme run by the Marine Conservation Society we have also adopted a local beach ‘Porth Ysgo’ near Aberdaron.

We carry out 5 ‘beach cleans’ throughout each year but, in particular, during September, The Marine Conservation Society holds ‘Beachwatch’, where the whole of the UK’s beaches are cleaned on the same weekend. Data is collected about the types of rubbish we find to try and identify their source.

On our ‘Beachwatch’ day we hope we can encourage as many volunteers as possible.

The day will finish with a BBQ/party in the evening, with a prize for the family who have collected the most rubbish.

If you are interested in joining any of our ‘cleans’ please express your interest.

We would like to point out that Porth Ysgo is reached via a steep set of wooden steps and that anyone who helps us with the clean does so at their own risk and the owners of Cefn Hedog do not accept any responsibility or liability for any accidents which may occur. All children must be accompanied by a parent who takes full responsibility for them.


At Cefn Hedog we believe in recycling please would you help us by recycling all your waste.

If you recycle your rubbish as you go it helps, keep three carrier bags in your tent/caravan, put all glass, cans, plastic, paper, card in one bag (ready for recycling in our bins), one bag for compost, tea bags, veg peelings, egg shells, any cooked food etc and then finally one bag for everything else which goes into the black dustbins.

When you have finished with a Disposable Barbecue, please put them in the metal bin provided.

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